Ink cartrige Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010)
  • Kārtridžs Epson T1283 Sarkans
  • Ink cartrige Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010)

Ink cartrige Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010)


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Ink cartrige Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010). High quality alternative printer cartridge that will ensure good print quality throughout its life. All our alternative printer cartridges cartridges are made of high quality materials and are equivalent to their originals. Each cartridge cartridge is inspected, tested and certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Print capacity: 150 pages

Our printer cartridges like this one cartridge Epson T1283 will reduce the cost of each print, because it is made of high-quality materials, it will ensure that you always have a stable day-to-day operation with your Epson printer.

Ink cartrige Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010)

Ink cartrige Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010) alternative inkjet printer cartridge has high print quality and big possibility to save. The print capacity for this alternative cartridge are 150 pages.

Epson T1283 replacement cartridge is a direct replacement to original.

The alternative Epson T1283 cartridge is made of high-quality materials, so it will provide the same print quality as the original Epson T1283 cartridge.

Each Epson T1283 / Epson C13T12834010 cartridge component is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Our alternative cartridges and drum units, as well as this Epson T1283 Magenta (C13T12834010) cartridge, are made of environmentally friendly materials that are easy to recycle and re-use in repetitive manufacturing processes.

Printeru Kārtridži - Cartridge E-Shop highly values customer feedback and takes into account the experience gained, to provide its customers with high-quality Epson inkjet cartridges.

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Printer model
Stylus SX435W
Printer model
Stylus SX438W
Printer model
Stylus SX440W
Printer model
Stylus SX445W
Printer model
Stylus SX445WE
Printer model
Stylus Office BX305F
Printer model
Stylus Office BX305FW
Printer model
Stylus Office BX305FW Plus
Printer model
Stylus S22
Printer model
Stylus SX125
Printer model
Stylus SX130
Printer model
Stylus SX230
Printer model
Stylus SX235W
Printer model
Stylus SX420W
Printer model
Stylus SX425W
Printer model
Stylus SX430W

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