The best ways to clean your printer
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How often should you clean the printer? What are the best ways to clean Your printer?

 There are many views and thoughts on this subject, and it is quite possible that each view is correct in different way. Some people find it necessary to wipe the inside of the printer every time they replace an ink or toner cartridge. Others, that the printer needs to be cleaned every few months.

Probably the best way to find out how often You should clean your printer is by how much printing work takes place between each cleaning. If the number of pages printed per month is small, then one, twice a year might be enough; if the number of pages printed per month is large, a 'cleaning tour' on a more often, maybe each quarter basis would be exactly what is needed. … Well, of course, the specifics of the premises where Your printer is located must also be taken into account.

In this article, The Best Ways to Clean Your Printer, we'll outline some of what we think are most relevant to You on a daily basis.

1. Clean the printer rollers with a dry, smooth cloth

When You want to print, it is important that the printer rollers are clean. If dust or other debris accumulates on them, the printout may be skewed, smudged, and of poor quality, which can result in uneven and wrinkled paper and smearing on the printouts, making them look poor quality and even cheap.

To clean the rollers:

• Turn off the printer;

• Open the cover to reveal all the rollers inside;

• Thoroughly clean the dust that has accumulated over time, use a dry cloth that does not coagulate and is not lint-free (for example baby wipes!)

2. Use compressed air to remove dust and debris from inside the printer

Compressed air is a great way to blow dust and debris from inside the printer. Use compressed air to clean rollers, gears, and other parts that are difficult to reach with a cloth or brush. Make sure you use the correct pressure when cleaning the printer - too much pressure can damage it! Be careful not to blow dirt back into the machine when you have finished cleaning. Don't forget to clean the outside of the printer as well!

3. Clean anything that might cause paper jams in the printer

Turn off the printer and unplug it. Remove the paper tray from the printer. Remove any cartridges, drum units, or other accessories that might be appropriate for your printer. Unscrew all the screws on the top of the printer to remove the cover. Use a compressed air balloon to blow dust and debris out of the printer, moving evenly from side to side.

4. Keep the ink cartridges clean by wiping them with a damp cloth or cotton swab

For inkjet printers, ink cartridges are the most important part of the printer, so it's important to take care of them. If you do not use ink cartridges for a long time, store them in a cool, dry place. Keep the ink cartridges clean by wiping them with a damp cloth or cotton swab.

If you want to print high-quality images at home, use high-quality paper specifically designed for printing photos.

If ink leaks, clean up the spilled ink as soon as possible - don't wait until the next day, as ink can leak into the printer's important parts - gears, rollers and even electronic parts - and it will be much harder to clean later.

When it comes to ink cartridges in general, they don't like that they stand up unused for a long time. They should be used from time to time so that they do not dry out.

5. When the printer is not in use, unplug it to prevent it from overheating

Although most printers today are made with sophisticated electronics that control the operation of the printer, and if you do not print, it will "fall asleep" in a saving mode. However, you also come across equipment that tends to overheat. It is recommended that you disconnect the printer from the mains when it has not been used for some time to prevent it from overheating, and in some situations, you will even save a small amount of electricity.

Clean the printer rollers and ink cartridges regularly to avoid jams. If you notice a decrease in print quality, replace the cartridges. For emergencies, have a spare cartridge on hand, especially if larger print jobs are planned. Use appropriate quality paper for printing, such as glossy photo paper for photo printing, and high-quality office paper for document printing. Before turning on the printer, make sure that all cables and their connections are securely connected so that your printer does not have loose cables that could cause it to malfunction.

6. Use proven supplies - quality printer cartridges

To keep your printer safe from clogging and contamination at all times, use proven supplies such as high-quality replacement cartridges and / or original cartridges. Unlike refilled cartridges, which often spill toner and cause the printer to clog, new, good alternative cartridges will ensure high-quality and sustainable printer print quality. Also note that this dust from the toner can be dangerous not only to the operation of your printer, but also to your health. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your printer clean, tidy, and use quality printer cartridges.

You may even remember a time in your life that you replaced a newly refilled cartridge and spilled toner on the printer. You will be somewhat surprised that when you replace high-quality replacement cartridges, you will not see the amount of toner spilled and your printer will be clean and tidy.

High-quality alternative cartridges are not just an attractive cent compared to the originals. Due to modern production technologies and their high quality, which ensures good competitiveness, some alternative cartridges have become just as high quality and provide high print quality.

When it comes to inkjet cartridges, the situation is similar in this case. Although refilling ink cartridges is much cheaper and the consumables for these cartridges are very affordable - in fact, it is just ink, refilling them also has its limits. Ink cartridges often leak after refilling, which can cause the printer to stop working properly.

Why is this happening? - For many inkjet cartridges, the printhead is built into the cartridge itself, so its resource is initially specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, refilled cartridges are no longer under warranty and cannot be provided by any of the refilling services provided by the manufacturer.

Inkjet printers in general are designed for continuous and regular printing, because if you do not use an inkjet printer for a long time, its cartridges may become chilled and in an important situation for You, it may not print.

If this happens, try cleaning the print head with a damp cloth, and if the ink cartridges do not stand for too long, they may be resuscitated.

Considering the above, pay attention from the very beginning, when purchasing a printer, how much and how You will print. Of course, color printers are cool, and often the ink for a color printer is a very attractive cent. However, in some situations, a black-and-white laser printer can be a choice, as it will never dry You out and will allow You to print the documents You need, even in emergencies.

7. Have the printer serviced by a professional

You clearly understand that Your printer needs to be serviced, but You don't have the time Yourself, or just don't want to do it, or doubt that You will do it good enough, without damaging the machine. In such situations, you can entrust the maintenance of the printer to professionals who do and service these office devices on a daily basis. It is with purpose, that such services are invented to make your life easier.

In service Your printer will be cared for and all worn parts replaced, as well as always clean and tidy, so it can provide You with the prints You need.

In this article, we have discussed current printer maintenance, but if You have any additional questions or concerns, we will be happy to help.

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