Tips for using printer efficiently
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Over time, printers have proven to be a great and convenient investment both in everyday office work and for printing various illustrations and documents at home.


Although computer monitors have become much better nowadays, many people generally choose to read a variety of articles in printed look because, with large amounts of information, it helps maintain better and less tired eyesight. An example would be the academic environment, where lecturers receive from different students a very large amount of work. Reading these works only on a computer screen, which is actually a light source with high contrast, can be very tiring on the eyes. Therefore, students are often asked to bring their term papers and other academic papers in print.


Despite the fact that nowadays everything is digitized and converted into electronic information, printers have kept their positions very well.  What's more, they're getting modern - with the latest printer technology, manufacturers are thinking about ways to innovate and add new features to make printing easier and better.


Although modern printers have become super-user-friendly - plug in and it's ready to go. However, there are features and operations that many are unaware of, and the useful use of a printer can save You money from time to time.

“Squeeze” the printer cartridge, until it’s completely dry

When a low-ink warning light appears, people are often in a hurry to replace the cartridges. But this light is basically just a warning. As soon as this light starts to flash, you do not need to get spare cartridges right away. Wait a while and watch the print quality. It is best to wait for the print quality to deteriorate before considering replacing the old cartridge with a new one.


And even in situations where the cartridge is actually out and a few pages need to be printed, "squeeze out the last drop", some did the following: for laser printers, for example, it is enough to remove the cartridge (toner) from the printer, shake it and put it back; for an inkjet printer, on the other hand, it has been heard that the last grams can be squeezed out when the cartridge is heated with a hair dryer.


Set the economy mode

Many have not paid attention to this at all, but if You are printing simple black and white documents, that do not demand high resolution or photo quality, then You can set the printer to "economy mode". By setting the printer to "economy mode", You will significantly extend the life of the cartridges, and if You suddenly need to print a photo, switch it back to the default settings, or turn on the print quality and paper thickness You need.

Use the printer's power saver mode

If this is suddenly Your first hearing, do it now. Your printer manual must include a feature such as power save mode. On some printers, this functional is initially in.

This simple detail will save You electricity, especially if the printer is quite large and powerful.

Purchase a printer / cartridge cleaner or call a service technician

Have You noticed a change in print quality? If You have a relatively new ink or laser printer cartridge and the printouts are pale or streaked, the print head may be clogged or the printer rollers may be dirty. We recommend that You purchase a printer / cartridge cleaner, and if it is complicated or no longer helps, consider calling a printer for maintenance. Professional printer maintenance will significantly extend the life of your printer.

Print only what you really need

Whether You're running COPY & PASTE from a browser or printing multiple volumes of a book, you’ll save a lot of money, energy and paper if You just print what you need. This will help You consume less printer ink or toner powder and set aside resources for something more important. However, it is tempting to print everything, because sometimes it is more convenient. But if You spend some time correcting the page layout and reducing the number of pages, you’ll be amazed at how much You can save.

Evaluate Your printing habits and make sure they are efficient enough so that You don't waste money or harm the environment.

Print in black

Just because You can, doesn't mean You always need it. When You need monochrome prints, simply print them in black. When printing in multi-color mode all the time, you may also be wasting some color ink or toner, which is again an unnecessary expense. If it is all text and read-only, it is best to print it in black and in addition in economy / draft mode.



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